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I was inspired by the App Defaults project proposed by Robb.

📨 Mail Client: Thunderbird
📮 Mail Server: Gmail, Oultlook and MXroute (Email hosting for your domains)
📝 Notes: Obisidian, Memos, OneNote
✅ To-Do: Memos
📷 Photo Shooting: Default Apps Phone
🟦 Photo Management: Google Photos
📆 Calendar: Google Calendar
📁 Cloud File Storage: Contabo Object Storage
📖 RSS: Miniflux with rss-proxy and RSSHub
🙍🏻‍♂️ Contacts: Google Contacts
🌐 Browser: Firefox and Chrome
💬 Chat: Matrix and fediverse
🔖 Bookmarks: Firefox and Chrome
📑 Read It Later: wallabag
📜 Word Processing: Word and Obsidian
📈 Spreadsheets: Excel
📊 Presentations: Powerpoint and LaTeX
🛒 Shopping Lists: N/A
🍴 Meal Planning: N/A
💰 Budgeting and Personal Finance: actual
📰 News: fediverse
🎵 Music: Spotify and YouTube music
🎤 Podcasts: audiobookshelf
🔐 Password Management: KeePass 2